Nature 1

As crazy as it sounds I remember having picture books read to me when I was very little and I would quite often forget to listen, but instead, I would be pouring over the illustrations, detail by detail. My favourite book was “Eloise in Paris” by Kay Thompson and illustrated by Hilary Knight. I loved the expressions on the people’s faces, the gestures, the cute dog, the many objects it took to bring the whole picture together, the artist’s mark on every page while she told the story visually, so brilliantly.

So that’s where it all started, my love of drawing and painting, telling stories visually, attention to all the little things and capturing the essence of life.

Pocket money was spent on how to draw and paint books, art was my favourite subject at school and many, many hours were spent practicing. When it came time to choose a career, it was always going to be something art related. So I studied and studied and came out the other end as a Visual Arts teacher. I shared my love of all things creative and flourished most when I could see that enthusiasm developing in others. I have always loved creating artworks for loved ones and friends and I have had many opportunities to sell my work through commissions and exhibitions.

Now it is my time to do what I’ve always wanted to do, create art through drawing and painting on an everyday basis. I`m capturing the beautiful things I see in my everyday life, from domestic treasures to travel moments, landscapes to personal objects, so that you might know them, feel them and love them as much as I do because I won`t put them out there if I`m not happy with the finished work.